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Can my LED light be placed directly on the plexiglass

Karen B.

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I have this 30-36 inch Nicrew LED light. My aquarium is 24 inches and I have a plexiglass sheet on top (acrylic plexiglass 1/4’’ thick).

As the light is too long, the feet (brackets?) won’t be able to rest on the plexiglass. Is it ok to just place the lamp directly on the plexi, with no space in between? Would the heat damage or melt the plexiglass or the light?

Thank you!


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Just now, gardenman said:

I do it with mine, and so far anyway, no issues. And my acrylic isn't even 1/4" thick, but the thinner stuff used for window glass replacement.

Thank you! I was pulling my hair trying to find a solution. You just made my life easier!

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