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Betta help


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Okay people, I need some assistance with my bettas please.. I purchased a betta female yesterday. I noticed she had what looks like some scales missing on her back. I have her quarantined in a small holder tank with some salt. Last night I did not feed her and waited til about 1030 to give her some peas just as a safety thing before I feed her regular foods. She started acting much better last night and today. However last night I did notice that she had a small white protrusion. I thought she was going to poop but it never amounted to anything more. It is the same today. 
I also have a male with what I guess is swim bladder. He just sits at the bottom of the tank, struggles to swim then just sinks. I feel really bad for him but can’t bring myself to put him down..🥺 he is back in the salted tank with the female. He is normal otherwise. Any ideas to help with him as well. Thank you in advance for the help and ideas. 




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As for the male, I think it would be helpful to give him a roughly 15 minute epsom salt bath, twice a day. Monitor him throughout the bath. I had very good luck with Epsom salt with a Balloon Molly who had a swim bladder issue.

I can't remember the ratio of salt. I used a small tupperware container. It was a teaspoon or less. Good luck.

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