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Low Pressure or High Pressure for CO2 tank?

Marnol D

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I was wondering what type of aluminum tank I would need to use for my CO2 setup. The store closest to me sales a low pressure and a high pressure 20lb CO2 tank. I was wondering if it matters if its high pressure or low pressure and if I should aim for a smaller CO2 tank?


Thank you!

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I have never heard of them being referred to as high or low pressure there doesn't seem to be much info about the difference online either.

I would talk to someone at the store and ask what their applications are. Whatever would be used by a home brewer or welder is what you would want.

I use a 20lb tank for my 125 gallon aquarium.  Most people use 5lb tanks because there are more places that will swap/fill them. I've had to wait a few days on multiple occasions for places to get 20lb tanks in to swap. The size really only affects how long you can go between swaps/fill ups. Larger tanks are cheaper per lb to swap/fill but they often don't fit under aquarium stands so it can be unsightly for some. 

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37 minutes ago, Andy's Fish Den said:

Good idea, definitely don't want it tipping over, although most co2 tanks have that protective guard by the valve like yours does there. 

I was more concerned about the regulator and tubing getting broke, rip off, etc. if it went down. 

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