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  1. The babies are doing well. Not really babies anymore. They are starting to eat bloodworms but I'm still feeding baby brine periodically. They have started to clear out larger and larger snails from the tank. I'll need to move them soon but don't really have anything set up for them. I'm tempted to move them in with the adults though.
  2. First looks like a gold gourami to me. They are not a dwarf type. Second picture looks like an albino rainbow shark and a golden Chinese algae eater.
  3. Day 67. Nothing special to report other than all 10 are still doing well. I believe they have eaten most of the newly born snails now. They still are eating baby brine as well. Not big enough for bloodworms yet.
  4. Day 47! This morning while waiting for brine to hatch I believe I witnessed the largest baby eat a super tiny snail. I've noticed that the population of tiny snails was super low but have been assuming they just got bigger and I wasn't noticing. Maybe the babies have already turned into snail murderers.
  5. There are all sorts. I have a microscope so I can see them but don't know enough to be able to identify them all. If you looks up microscope pondwater on google you can find some images of things like paramecium, amoebas and plenty of other things.
  6. I had plenty of hydra well before ever feeding baby brine. There are tons of microscopic organisms in an aquarium for them to feed one. Also there are green hydra that have some photosynthetic capabilities.
  7. Unfortunately there aren't really many consistent sources for them that I've ever seen. I'm hoping my breeding success will lead to more people trying though.
  8. @HenryKing Only a few very small water changes as I'm terrified of sucking one of them up. I put around 50 or so in main tank. I never saw most of them again. I'm hoping to experiment with some different stuff early on to improve my numbers. I think they might need more time before they get moved. I'm not sure why the ones in the other tanks didn't survive but I'll speculate that it was from lack of food as I wasn't conditioning those tanks to have larger populations of microfauna.
  9. Day 34. They all seem to be doing well. Growth has been fast with the twice a day brine shrimp feedings. The largest one is getting its adult patterning already which is so cute! Still no breeding from the adults. I got some decent pictures. I'm getting a new phone in a couple days so hopefully my pictures will get even better. All 9 are in this picture.
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