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New to Guppy breeding


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I'm fairly new to breeding guppies, I am on a 4th gen brood for my in home breeding setup, and I recently began to segment my females at birth to retain more fry than the community tank was allowing. 

My female had babies last week and we are talking hundreds. My question is, they are so small, smaller than any video I have ever seen. Is this normal?


Ref: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HwvFypGkqh35Mr6E7


I have had normal fry also..








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@KBOzzie59 that's great to hear! These fry are about a week old, the larger ones are in a community tank so it's hard for me to really say when they were born. 

I was making my comparison to the videos on YouTube that show females giving birth, it's zoomed in so much I guess it makes the fry seem larger. 


I am glad to hear mine are normal size!!

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@lefty o

Thank you, that's kind of what I thought as well.. they'd have to be smaller to fit so many in the same space as 20 larger fry. 

Is it reasonable to think this many fry could grow beyond eating size in this little 3 gallon?

I'm trying not to move them until they're a little bigger if I don't have to. 

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