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Uh, bad Algae?


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So, I understand this is diatoms grouping up. I have brushed, cut, rinsed. Test aren't abnormal. Tank is cycled. Phosphate is low, nitrates around 15. All plants still have melt, and new growth. Even the weeping moss,and Java moss, and Taiwan moss all ha e very vibrant green new growth under all this.

Leave it? Or what do you all suggest? My LFS don't have any algae esters like otos. I did order some from an online retailer. But probably won't get shipped until next week.

There is 5 young Amano, 38(adult) RCS. And shrimplets every where. Also 4 golden Mystery, and of course pond snails, and a few Nerites.



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I have this exact algae and I can’t get it to go away!! I have Amano shrimp, 6 Otis and a Nettie and nothing wants to eat it!! It only grows like this on one of I have and there are particles that float  and sit on everything in the tank. My other plants are doing good so I am trying to up the feet dose and have been adding carbon to hopefully help get rid of this stuff. This tank has been set up for several months..🤷🏽‍♀️

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13 hours ago, AnimalNerd98 said:

I have also had this issue before, not sure what it is called though. I got rid of it by just manually removing it and it eventually went away on its own as the tank matured (went away after about 2 months for me in a 5 gallon portrait tank with some driftwood). 

Well it still confuses me, more I ask else where it's 50/50 some saying I have to remove everything and start over....? Some say leave it. It doesn't seem to be hurting anything engulfed in it. When I scrap it away everything is green and lush, new growth etc.

My tissue cultures however got nuked.

Ph 6.8, 0 Amonia, 0 Nitrite, 5 Nitrates, like 4 phosphates (got this test last night cause I read elsewhere my phosphates could be outta whack) 8 gh, 6kh, co2 injection. Dose Easy Green, and Iron. And very little trace. It's a 55 gallon. Have no real way to test for silicates (controversial subject there being a glass aquarium I guess) substrate is an old inert gravel to build up the high side capped with fluval Stratum, capped with eco complete, and white sand on one side (not very pretty ATM, don't really care looks more natural currently)

I have a fluval 407, with a custom spray bar covering the entire length of the tank. And one of them little powerheads coOp sells as well.

The more I remove it's like the more it comes back 😅.

It turns to dust in your fingers, turns green when exposed to air for a period of time. And it's been here for 2 months.


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2 hours ago, O13SC3N3 said:

I wonder if Bacter AE contribute to it... I can't really remember what I did different and it just exploded. There are baby rcs everywhere in it tho 😅 makes me wonder how many took a one way trip to the sewer.

There may be some contribution from Baxter AE (adding biofilm) to it if you are overdosing, but I think that as long as it isn’t harming anything (RIP your tissue culture plants), you can just leave it.  Seasoned tank time really does even out a lot of things. I would only remove it if you absolutely hate looking at it/another plant is suffering because of it. 

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Update 1/4...

Spent quality time with my wife fishing out red cherry Shrimp for over 5 hours 😅 and probably a million 5 different size babies. Cleaned the hardscape up. And rescaled a bit. IMG_20210104_161042195.jpg.385540743fdee53c8f27fef6244dad7f.jpgIMG_20210104_162413879.jpg.5f0f46f767bdfffd93bec622042b27ba.jpg


I think I'm pretty overall happy with it

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