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  1. So the chain sword is going into a 59gal aquarium and the plan is to have red cherry shrimp and red chili rasboras in there. And one large stone.
  2. I should have posted a photo of the established tank. It’s literally bursting with the plants. i think I’ll just them float a “shoebox” plastic bin
  3. Context: I have an established tank with a lot of dwarf chain sword and I need to harvest it out. the tank, that this dwarf chainsword will be going in, will not be ready to be planted for another 2 weeks question: what is a temporary solution to keep the harvested dwarf chainsword alive for two weeks? Tupperware? Light? Water? Ezgreen?
  4. While i was trying to clean my Easy Green bottle, I accidentally popped the top of the pump. has anyone been able to get the top back on or should i just go and buy another bottle?
  5. Just want to shout out the Dry Goods Counter! As the first customer to take advantage of it, I really loved it. I got my stuff, didn’t have to wait too long to get in the store, AND I didn’t take up another customer’s time in the store with my simple needs. Overall rating: 11/10 - would do again
  6. Costco has similar shelves in the $130-150 range. with the way building supplies are priced right now, you would spend more than that on simple 2x4 shelves
  7. Yesterday I put three root tabs into the substrate and by the end of the day I noticed something strange. it looks like the capsules expanded and resurfaced from their places in the substrate. I tried to capture what I mean in the photo. is this normal? These were the last root tabs I had in the bag and none of the previous ones did sky things like that.
  8. I had the exact algae and my amanos took care of it in a week or so
  9. upon further inspection, it appears that the tank is leaking in the middle. my leading theory is that one of the tank dividers i put in separated the tank walls enough to cause a leak 😞 that part of the tank is the refugium, so i will have to pull all of the substrate out and look for the leak there.
  10. Hi everyone, i made a cart system to be able roll auxiliary tanks in and out from underneath my display tank. Well last night the sump tank started leaking and i think it’s because the 2x4s lengthwise were 1/16 too tall compared to the sides. my question is - can i support the tanks only on the short ends? I noticed that the aquarium coop store is setup that way, but befoew i commit, I’d like to hear more opinions.
  11. Thank you all! i will let the val grow out everywhere and there is val in a section of the sump. i believe the algae is there because of the easy green i put in when i started it out so eventually the val should take care of the underlying issue once it grows in. i will chopstick it out since my amanos are still small
  12. Hi everyone, i have a 50gal tank and a 30gal sump setup with a bunch of val and some shrimp. i have the lights on for 7 hours per day and it’s a full spectrum LED light. It’s a re-setup for this tank with new substrate and two established sponge filters. The question is - would the amano shrimp be able to take care of all this algae or should i start trimming it? They’re still small - about .5” - 1”.
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