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As I sit here (listening to a 4-month-old Aquarium Coop livestream, incidentally), I'm thinking about what good things happened in 2020.

Aquarium Coop is, for me, one of the best things that "happened" to me in 2020.  I've been out of the hobby for 15-20 years, and I decided to set up a tank this summer after spending time with my partner's niece who is really into fish and nature in general.  I found Cory's channel, and then the forum, and then related channels from the community, and it's just been the best thing.  Not only for my rediscovered aquarium hobby, but because Cory's attitude and approach to business restores my faith in humanity.  (I'm not even joking.)  I've placed two orders from the Coop, and the team is just great. Loved getting my little "mystery" decals...they're super fun, and now I want to keep placing orders until I get the corydoras sticker, haha!  (Oh and Coop plants truly are the best...I hope there will be even more variety in the future...)

So, thank you to Cory and the entire Aquarium Coop team, and thank you to folks on this forum who have been so nice and helpful.  I've really enjoyed this oasis of positivity. I hope all of you have a peaceful holiday season. If this is not a holiday season for you I still wish you a peaceful end of 2020. 🙂

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I literally just tried to send a message similar to this directly to Cory, only to be matched by a notification that "Cory cannot receive messages" haha.  Thank you aquarium coop for being a top tier company in both products and information. I've went from a complete beginner to someone who feels like they have a grasp on the hobby in less than a year.  I always enjoy reading and watching your content. Now we just need some videos on how to convince your wife to let you expand your collection!

Again, thanks for all you guys do,

Grant B. 


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