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Betta Channoides Fry Barrel Rolling?


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Just fed my Channoides fry some micro worms when I noticed one of them kept doing barrel rolls... I've seen ricefish fry do some interesting acrobatics but something seems wrong here.

on API test strips I'm reading GH 120, KH 40, pH 6.5 to 7, and nitrate and nitrite both 0, temp is about 78, tank is a bare bottom 5 gallon with some floaters and other plants waiting for their final homes. I'm feeding once to twice a day, co-op fry food, bbs, micro worms, first bites, and micron (not so much those last two now, they're a few week old and can handle bigger food) I've been changing about 2 liters of water a week with RO water. The tank also has a couple sponge filters

Out of about 20 fry I've only seen one doing this, and this is the first time I've seen it

Hoping that even if nobody has experience with Channoides than maybe they've seen it in other kinds of bettas or other families of fish and can shed some light on this

Here's a brief video of the fry

Edit: Since posting I've lost track of the fry in question, so it either stopped doing it or moved to cover...

Not sure if it could be a swim bladder issue? Each roll started and ended with the betta oriented correctly, my experience with swim bladder issues has normally been more erratic than that

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22 hours ago, Irene said:

Did you ever figure out what was going on and did the fry end up making it?

Sadly I never dug up anything conclusive on this, I lost track of that fry and haven't seen the behavior again.

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26 minutes ago, DShelton said:

 If I may ask, where did you acquire yours?

I ordered mine from Blackwater Aquatics from California, they have a lot of wild betta species. I've never used a transhipper before so ordering within the US was nice. The Channoides were the only thing I've ever ordered there but it was a good experience and I would order from them again. They also pop up on aquabid every once in a while although I haven't seen them the last few times I've checked.

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