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Angel Fish Fin Separation

Johann H

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Noticed the fins of 2 of our angels showing signs of what I would call "fin separation.   

Is this a form of fin rot? We have a 65 gallon planted community tank.   There is recent stress in the tank as we had 4 angels in the tank that 2 paired off and laid eggs, which did not hatch before being eaten.  Three of the angles were beating up on 4th presumably male angel - we removed him.   Things seemed peaceful for a few days with the 3 in the tank until 2 days ago and we noticed 2 of the angels sparing a lot.  Its about impossible to tell which exactly is the breeding pair so we did not remove the 3rd angel.   This morning we noticed the above pictured fin issue.   

Question:  Do we need to treat the fin issue or will removing the angel to another tank heal the fin issue naturally in time?   (Once we figure out which angle to remove :-)


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We removed the 2 angels that were not the breeding pair. They are in a 10 gallon.  We then set up a 20 - just as the 20 was cycled and ready for them we noticed this (see picture).  This started about 10 days ago.  We of course left them in the 10 and treated it with erythromycin.   There is no change.  Any ideas of what s wrong and how we should treat?




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