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How many fry or how many times can a guppy give birth.


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Fifty is on the lower end of the normal scale for a big female guppy. A mature adult female guppy can have 200 at a time, but 100 is more the norm. They can spawn every 28 days (or so.) They typically start spawning ((small spawns) at around three months of age and live for about three years. Everything pretty much eats baby guppies, including mama guppy, so you almost never get a full-sized spawn unless you take extreme measures and isolate mama guppy and protect the babies from her. And truth be told, the world would be knee deep in guppies if they weren't eaten. If you have an average female who gives you 100 babies each month and those babies all start popping out a hundred babies each month when they're three months old, the numbers start to get pretty ridiculous, pretty quickly. Unless you know what to do with around two million guppies at the end of the first year, it's a good thing the other fish eat baby guppies. 

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