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Hello everyone I just wanted to share some pics of my not so mini AR mini! It started as a tissue culture I got from PetSmart before I knew about aquarium co op. I have a lot of it now it’s in all my tanks I’m surprised for such a pink plant how well it grows in all my low tech setups! And looks good! I’ll post a pic of it in my 15gal Fluval flex before and after I trimmed it. I just kept letting it grow to the surface but it got some algae being so close to the light so I hacked it down and just replanted a couple baby plants that were growing off of the main plant! I’m just really happy with this plant in general and I suggest if you want a pop of color to give it a shot! I am about 8 months into keeping live plants and I’m learning so much! Thanks for looking 🙂 




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Thank you it’s really been filling in nicely! It’s been set up for 6 months now. The only struggle I’ve been having is with my s repens carpet! It grows well for a while and then randomly starts meting away! I’ve tried root tabs a couple months ago thinking they weren’t getting enough fertz to the roots but is hasn’t helped! 

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Your tank looks amazing!

My tip for the s repens is that you most likely need more light. I can tell from your picture that it is growing taller instead of spreading sideways and the bottom leaves arent doing as well as the top portion. That is a classic sign of not enough light. That is also why your ar mini has grown so tall.

I wouldn't go and increase light like crazy. Your tank looks balance right now, so I would take it slow. If your light let's you adjust intensity, then I would do it little by little. For example, I have the fluval 3.0 nano, I would increase it about 10% intensity. Wait one week, if then pump it again and wait another week. Do that until you start to see algae creep up, then go back down a little bit to where the plants are growing well and minimum algae.

Also, you can trim the tops off the s repens and replant then. Trimming can help stimulate them to spread sideways, and replanting the tops and help get a fuller carpet 




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Thank you for the tips! My light is not controllable! I was thinking of getting a Bluetooth timer so I could adjust the intensity to have a sunrise and sunset to have the lights on for an extra hour or so. They are currently running for 8 hours. This weekend I will just go through and trim all the s repens and see what happens. I got it as a tissue culture and used 3 pots and in the first couple months it grew so well I’ll post a pic of it from month 2 of being set up and then a pic of month 3! Ever since then it’s just melted away and came back a little.



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