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  1. Flowering micro sword (Lilaeopsis brasiliensis)
  2. High light will turn them red. You don't need to add CO2 as it is freely available from the air to floating plants. The ones in my outdoor tubs which has sun in the afternoon are more red than ones in my tank with LED light. I wish I can get mine to flower like yours.
  3. You can drain into a large water container and use the water for your plants. Depending on the level of your drains, you can bury the container or have it above ground.
  4. A kilogram was originally defined as the weight of 1 litre of water. So you are kind of correct.
  5. I'm following with interest also. Both guys have been posting on Instagram about it recently.
  6. Epiphyte plants on big pieces of wood and stone should work.
  7. Get some marginal pond plants. They will help make the tub more natural looking and pull lots of nitrate from the water. I'm not in the US so I don't know what plants you have access to. A water lily would look good too.
  8. That's not amazon frogbit. It could be water poppy, Hydrocleys nymphoides.
  9. The weather has cooled down in the past few days. It's going to be high of 15C/60F tomorrow but will warm up again after. The medakas are doing very well. Here's a couple of females carrying eggs in the morning: Two aquarium plant cuttings, Hydrocotyle tripartita and Lobelia cardinalis, are doing very well in both tubs. They are growing much better than in my aquariums. I only see fleeting glimpses of fish in the CPD tub. Makes it less interesting to look at. Next season, I'll pick something less shy.
  10. You can glue/tie some mosses to your hardscape. Might encourage your WCMM to spawn.
  11. I have red root floater, Amazon frogbit, Riccia fluitans, salvinia and dwarf water lettuce. I like red root floaters the best because the reddish/brownish colour makes a good contrast to my mostly green plants. I like salvinia the least because some will stick to your arm like duckweed, but less bad because they are bigger plants and most will drop off. I have hard water and all those plants are doing well. The main thing that seem to cause them problems is strong flow. I used air tube initially to corral them then set them free once there's a good covering.
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