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Unexpected aquatic/partially aquatic plants


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I’ve had some unexpected aquatic plant successes and wondered what you all have seen. I was propagating some pothos in a tank and got lazy and it fell fully in and I left it because who doesn’t want to feed snails? Lo and behold it started sprouting smaller, slightly differently shaped leaves fully submerged. I have started throwing it into my outdoor tubs and the loose floating/submerged stems don’t rot. I guess pothos truly never dies.  

Similarly, I took cuttings of a raspberry bush in my yard and put them in a foam holder/aquaponics cup suspended in my pond. They grew great roots but also have fully submerged leaf growth that looks very healthy. Now to get not-lazy and actually plant them somewhere.

What pleasant surprises or failed experiments have you had? 

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The edge of my driveway has been a reliable source for aquarium plants.


3 of the plants you can see in this photo are, hair grass, pennywort, and alligator-weed. According to my trusty 'Manual'


The hairgrass keys out as Eleocharis acicularis, the pennywort as Hydrocotyle umbellata, and the alligator-weed as Alternanthera philoxeroides.

All three of those grow very well totally submersed in my aquariums.



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