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Heat vs light for a quarantining pleco?


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So here’s the situation. My new albino bristlenose pleco arrives tomorrow (yaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!) but I’m already running thee separate tanks so I’ve used up all my heaters. ☹️ I have a 2.5 gallon bowl that I’ve set up with a seeded sponge filter and gravel+plants from my other tanks. The problem is the only way I have to heat it is to use the incandescent bulb I got for my brine shrimp hatchery.

Of course if I’m using the bulb to heat the water, I’m going to need to leave the light on 24/7. That seems like it would be stressful for the poor guy, even though he does have a cave.

The house is set at 71 and I bet I could convince the hubby to nudge it up to 72 for a week. The bowl is sitting on the floor of our kitchen under the barstool area, not near any windows or external walls.

So what would you all suggest? The constant heat and constant light, or just letting the bowl be at room temperature? 

I also have a red bulb that gets really hot (it’s for raising chicks). Would the red light be less stressful than white light?

Thanks in advance!

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I just recently removed my heaters and let my tanks go from a constant 77 to about 74 on average.  I suspect it gets down a degree or two more overnight.  Fish are doing well and seem to not care.  I would go with room temp, then drip acclimate when you put the pleco in the main tank since it is warmer.  Good luck!

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