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New Planting help please

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I just got my java fern ( planted with some success), bacopa and water Sprite came wet packed in Ziplocks with wet toweling, ( from aquarium coop) how soon fo I need to plant these? The moss took a long time and I have an OB  peacock cichlid in my tank so i am afraid to plant the bacopa or water sprite...  can i let these plants sit or "float" in my tank so my cichlid doesnt trash them? (Rocky is less than 2 inches long ) 

Any friendly advice is welcome!



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as long as they stay damp, there is no urgency to getting them planted. if it takes you a day or three to get to it, they will survive. or you can do like i do, and open them up and just drop the pot into the tank until you can get to actually planting them.

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