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Best algae eater to remove green spot algae from Anubias?

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Hi everyone! Currently working on organizing the community-curated practical guide If you are curious, check out the original thread.

I have some dark-green spot algae on my Anubias. My SAE won't eat it, and Bristlenoses don't do well in my tank for some reasons. Any other fish/methods to get rid of it?

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How are your phosphate levels?  Are you using phosphate absorbers?

When I bought and installed a canister filter I used the phosphate absorber pads that came with it and had bad green spot algae cover my anubias to the point that it killed off a lot of leaves due to it growing densely enough to smother the leaves.


Removing the phosphate absorber and dosing phosphates brought it under control for me.  With time new growth allowed the anubias to recover.

I would caution people not to use a phosphate absorber pad without testing their water to see what their phosphate levels actually are…

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On 6/6/2024 at 10:17 AM, Rube_Goldfish said:

I have a fry grow-out tank with an Anubias barteri (I think it's A. barteri, I got it so long ago). For a while it held a pea puffer, which meant few if any snails. After I moved the pea to a different tank and the bladder snails came back, the green spot algae mostly cleared up.

Okay then. I won't kill my pest snails.

Problem solved.

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