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Is this anubias dying?

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I'm new to plants and I'm terrible at it. 

Is this anubias dying?  What concerns me are the spots on the leaves, and that one leaf in the middle that looks like it's crumpling and turning yellow. 

Low light. No ferts. 


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To my eyes, that looks like a good, healthy anubias. The lighter, wavy leaf is the newest leaf, I'm guessing? Most of my anubiases (maybe all of them?) have lighter colored, differently shaped leaves at first, then as the leaf grows and ages, it darkens and changes shape to match the others.

Is it new into that tank or has it been there a while?

Anubias are pretty tough, just slow. If the leaves aren't covered in algae, and if the rhizome doesn't feel squishy (and is above the substrate), then I'd just wait it out a while, keeping an eye on the new growth.

EDIT: I just snapped this photo of one of my anubias (Anubias nana, I think):


(Please ignore all the little floating bits; this tank just got fed baby brine shrimp.)

That curled, lighter leaf in the middle is the newest one, still growing. That's sort of what I mean. Incidentally, the one I'm worried about is the one to the right and behind of it, covered in hair and green spot algae, but I'm just doing manual removal for the time being.

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On 6/5/2024 at 4:38 PM, Gideyon said:

Ok.   That's a relief. The invincible rotala died in here. Micro sword is struggling. So I went with the anubias. 

It's been a month 

Yes, no worries, mine used to be absolutely covered in algae. And had leafs like that. But now it is thriving. For micro sword root tabs will help more than you might think, but most importantly, you need ACs all in one fertilizer to help your micro sword thrive, it makes a big difference. Plants need those ferts

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