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Looking for one of the podcasts..

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I cant find it now, but a few years ago I swear I remember listening to one of the podcasts from Cory that basically went into detail as to why its so hard to properly quarantine fish for imports/local shopes due to prices (not the reddit post), I believe he also went on to talk about equipment sales in it - anyone know which one(s) might have that content?

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I recall this subject being spoken about, but I don't recall the episode. @Candi is my go-to person for when I am trying to find something from a previous livestream, but it may have been too long ago to recall. 

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I would have to listen to this entire livestream, but the following could potentially be the stream you are referring to. If you have more details of what you remember about the stream I am likely able to remember with more talking points you remember. @probsjustin


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