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help keep aquatic plants alive until going in the aquarium

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I just received some plants that I ordered online for my aquarium (Cryptocoryne Lucens UNS Tissue Culture, Anubias Nana Petite, Mini Bolbitis (Baby Leaf), & Christmas Moss). I tried to time it just right. I am rescaping my aquarium this weekend hopefully, but the plants are here now. I can't redo the tank until Sunday at the earliest. I don't want to leave them in their packaging.

Any suggestions on what I can do with them until I can rescape to keep them alive and healthy? Can I put them in a bucket of declorinated water? Would they need a heater or bubbler? Any advice will be appreciated!


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1 hour ago, lefty o said:

definately toss them in a bucket of water, and naturally better if they are in light.  as long as they stay damp, they should be ok.

I agree, plants can survive 8 days with no light. If you have another aquarium you could put the plants in those. no I wouldn't add a heater to the bucket, but maybe add a towel or lid to keep the temp somewhat warm

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