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5 bar tiger barb

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From what i understand, wild caught Tiger Barbs are pretty chill, but at some point in the domesticating process they were bred for aggression and turned mean. The bar amount difference probably has to do with hybridization between the barbs and other similar species when they were introduced to the hobby.

That being said this is going off what i remember hearing from a podcast episode a few months back, so i might have a few details off.

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On 4/4/2024 at 10:12 AM, johnnyxxl said:

The gentleman referred to this barb as a tiger barb with our the antisocial behavior.  So I am now on the search for them.  

There is a multitude or barbs that mimic or have different variations in pattern from the normal tiger barb we all know and love.  Seriously fish has some articles on this topic as well as other online resources. 

Tiger barbs can be considered something like rainbowfish where locations may have slight changes in pattern and or behavior due to where they grew up.  This is the same thing Darwin studied on the Galapagos islands.

The barb you are discussing above is not a tiger barb, but it is a different species. There is a 5-band barb, 6-band barb, 7 band barb, snakeskin barb.  Barbs are awesome! 

I am familiar with the video you mentioned and anxiously awaiting some wild caught tiger barbs as well.


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