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10g Breeding Projects


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Hi all! As some of you may have seen, I soon plan to move a breeding colony of pygmy corydoras from my last breeding project into a 40 breeder "species only" tank. Now that I'm moving them, I have a 10 gallon tank that I want to start a new breeding project in. I was considering trying either Corydoras Elegans,  Corydoras Hastatus (Dwarf Cory), some species of dwarf crayfish, or possibly an attempt to breed the shadow catfish, Hyalobagrus flavus. If anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciate them, especially some oddball/less commonly bred fish!

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Well, I enjoy breeding nearly every species of freshwater fish . . . so LOTS of ideas come to mind!

You might enjoy trying some smaller, non-annual African Killifish. I find Fundulopanchax / Aphyosemion particularly attractive. You might like the Emerald Killifish (F. scheeli)...


OR the Aphyosemion striatum . . .


They have loads of colors! You'll just need mops or loads of java moss for them to spawn in. Fry will hatch. Parents generally leave them alone as long as you've got lots of cover for fry. Feed live BBS, nematodes, etc. for best results. You could easily breed these in a 10-gal.

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