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Neon tetra disappeared


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This is my first time in this forum, I used to have 10 Neon tetras, but today all have disappeared

I also tried 10 Firehead tetra & 10 Silvertip but they disappeared too

Here is my tank inhabitants:

2 Black skirt tetra

2 Denison barb

2 Sunset thicklip gourami

2 Serpae tetra

1 Variatus platy (used to have 3 but 2 of them disappeared)

Some Malaysian trumpet snail

Do anyone know what happened?


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In total you have had 32 fish disappear? No judgment, just making sure I understand the situation. Do they disappear one at a time or you wake up and 10 fish are gone?

Is the background fit to the glass or is it possible for fish to get pinned between the glass and the background? I ask because if you do have a bully in the tank (either Denison Barbs or the Gouramis if I had to guess) then its possible that the smaller fish are going behind the background to hide and then either get stuck or just starve to death. Its also possible they just jumped out but I'd think you would have found a body or 2 if 32 fish jumped out.

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On 8/2/2023 at 11:05 AM, IlhamSetiawan said:

Some Malaysian trumpet snail


On 8/2/2023 at 6:17 PM, IlhamSetiawan said:

they disappeared one at a time

There is a chance they are passing from an unknown illness in the tank. One at a time you probably have more MTS than you know cleaning up the deceased in very short time.  
I would also check behind the 3d background 

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