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Hi guys

Any suggestions as to what plants can I keep in a black ghost knief fish tank.

As I see them nipping on all the plants

Please suggest me some good options 

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You might try loading the tank with some fast-growing plants that the fish can choose and gorge on, aiming to allow _other plants_ to thrive. Anubias, Nana Petite, perhaps Java Fern -- these can be your "hardy" low-light plants. Cover the tank with Water Wisteria, Indian Swampweed, and Najas for the fish to gorge on.

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They are renowned for this sort of behavior. It’s why you see people use planters and pots to put their plants with monster fish and knife fish. You could put rocks around the roots and crowns of the plants to see if you can keep them from uprooting the plants. Plants with deep roots like swords, plants you can glue down the rhizome like anubias, I read a couple years back on planted tank about a guy who replanted his Val every water change with his bgkf. Good luck!

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Bolbitis ferns are the most difficult for me to grow, and by that I mean I don’t have any anymore.  I’ve tried multiple times, multiple tanks, with other plants including Java ferns prospering, but the Bolbitis just don’t do well long term for me.  They also aren’t a very tough plant.

I would also recommend a variety of Anubias plants as being your best bet.  You could try some of the faster growing swords in pots, or long stemmed lucky bamboo - look at the link for my 75 Gallon tank in my signature to see what I did for my Jack Dempsey tank.  That might be helpful for you to see what worked and what didn’t.  I have had various Anubias plants “stored” in that tank and they mostly leave it alone as far as eating or otherwise damaging them.  I haven’t tried a full on planting of Anubias because they repeatedly knocked them loose from whatever rock or wood I had them attached to no matter how I attached them.  I gave up on constantly re-attaching them.

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