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I’m planning on setting up a new aquarium in the coming weeks, either a 40 or 55 gallon depending on the size of  stand I can find at a good price. My planned stocking for the aquarium is going to be 3 African butterfly fish, a group of 6 petricola catfish (possibly more in the future) and a rope fish. I want to get the sponge filters to limit the flow because I know the butterfly fish prefer water that has little to no movement and I can easily put something at the surface to stop the ripples caused by the sponge filter. I’m just wondering if 1 large ACO sponge filter will suffice or if I should get multiple. I’ve seen people do it both ways and I’m just wondering what you guys would recommend.


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I'm currently using 1 large in a 55 gal but also have HOB's.  I think I would use 2 mediums if that was all I was using. Having two sponges allows you to alternate cleaning each sponge weekly so you don't disrupt the cycled ecosystem as much.

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