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Talk to me about African dwarf frogs please.


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I have wanted these for awhile. My LFS always has them. First tank you see walking in the fishroom door. 
Today these kids just got me. I could resist no longer. 

I have a 10 g tank I’ll redo the scape. I have large sand/river sand / small gravel stuff I’ll put as substrate. I’m removing the ugf so it does not suck all their worms in before they can eat them. It also has a fluval 107 canister and a marine land hob. I’ll add 2 aco nano sponges to replace the ugf. 

Folks who have experience with these please share. I want to set up a luxury plush 5star suite for them to live with piano snails and whatever shrimp they don’t eat. But I do not know what that would be. 

What do your kiddos like most? Anything else you wish to tell me to give them a dream life is appreciated. 
I keep grindal and white worm cultures for them as well as frozen bloodworms  

Do these eat Live BBS OR frozen???? 

Can these be sexed? 

@Patrick_G @xXInkedPhoenixX@everyone who has kept them 🤣

Meet Nyx and Aether. 

Edit to add they are qt in a 5 gallon and on quick reading it says 5 g for 2 woukd it be best to keep them there so they can find food?




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I’ve had my ADF for probably 2 years now. He lives with Pygmy Corydoras and a bunch of Ramshorn snails. There USED to be a ton of shrimp in that tank, and I know the snails and Cory’s didn’t eat them…


Mine gets frozen bloodworms as I don’t have worm cultures. He mostly just chills out, swims to the top for air, darts down to the bottom, and proceeds to chill again. He hangs out in the plants/roots, in the coconut hut, on top of the coconut hut, etc. 

I know mine is a male as he croaks for a lady that might be in the area. Hearing that noise for the first time I thought I was going crazy until my girlfriend asked if I heard it, too. I had no idea they sang like they do. 

In my experience, my dude has been pretty chill. Watching them try to smash worms into their mouths with their front legs can be pretty entertaining. Overall, pretty easy in my experience. 

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Awww! Congrats! I love these little guys. @Patrick_G is probably waaaay better with them than I have ever been since really I only care for them by proxy (cause it's my Mum's tank). What I can say is my Mum has target fed them mostly with aquascaping tweezers so she can monitor that both her frogs are eating (and now I think she just enjoys it). She feeds them freezedried tubifex, frozen bloodworms and I think she found some pellet food that they like (that food took a lot of trial and error). So I think your live cultures will be so great for them! My Mum's tank has a heater running around 80 degrees. They really like places to, for lack of a better word, shove themselves. Mum's likes her little bridge and they love the plants which I'm sure you've already provided them places to go. I'm not worried about your froggies- they're going to love living at your house!!

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On 6/2/2023 at 10:23 AM, Guppysnail said:

I just saw one with a piece of the gravel/sand in their mouth. Aether spit it out but should I use a larger gravel so they do not ingest it?  The gravel/ sand in the photo is what I intended to use. 

I'll look for the video on SerpaDesign, but Tanner made an awesome scape and covered information like substrate.

No promises on how long it will take to find the video, I tend to start watching Tanner's videos and forget what I was looking for 😅

Your ADF are adorable!!! The names are perfect 🥰

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