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10 gallon Hang-on-the-back filter recommendations...

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I have a 10-gallon tank and need some recommendations for a hang-on filter. I have high GH and very low levels of KH so I would like to be able to add some crushed coral or another similar item to push up the KH and the PH. Currently, I have some in a bag resting on the substrate but that takes up quite of bit of space and is not pretty.

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Another budget consideration I have a 10 gallon that I run a Aqueon Quietflow 20 (they have a 10 as well) and I really like it. I also run the same on my 20 gallon with sponge filters. There is plenty of space for modified media and in case of power outage the pump does not need priming and will run again when power comes back on. 

(I have coral and sponges in my HOB)

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On 5/12/2023 at 11:38 PM, schmofam said:

@Lennie @Ninjoma, for that filter is there space for the coral media?

AC comes with their own biomedia, sponge and carbon. You can save carbon for the times you need.

So you can use whatever you want for the gap they left for carbon. 

I personally use the sponge on bottom, a layer of filter wool, then Biomedia of theirs as well as some established matrix and siporax from my other tanks. You can add whatever you like.

Here is a pic. The red circle ones come with the filter, I added the rest myself:


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