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Found 17 results

  1. Trying to decide between the Aqua clear 110 or the seachem 110 What are your opinions Ac 110 or sc 110 And go
  2. Hi all just wondering about your take on denitrification and the deep bed / biohome media / pellum creation - all involving the process of denitrification through a “complete nitrogen cycle” much conflicting info online from Jays aquarium / mankysanke / Dr Kevin Novak on one side and a number of forums and aquarium science.org lined up on the other - it seems fascinating but too good to be true - is it a busted myth - thoughts please thank you kindly stay safe Alex
  3. Wanted to see how much i could fit so can order enough media ?
  4. Anyone have any good tips on cleaning this part on an AC? A have two of these: one for the filter, one as a back up. When algae builds up, I soak one in a tub of vinegar for a few days, and switch out the other one. This only takes a little portion out. I've tried tiny baby bottle brushes, and that doesn't help a ton either. Does someone have a DIY fix, or another type of brush that does the trick?
  5. Hey everyone I am setting up a new 29 gallon tank and I have an aqua clear 50 going on it. I was just curious what the best placement is to get flow around the tank? Is it best on the side of the aquarium so it’s flowing long ways across the tank. Or hanging off the back of the tank either in the middle or either side and bouncing off the front glass?
  6. We have had a small tub(around 10 to 15 g) in the back corner of our garden for a few years and this year I'm hoping to add some white clouds to it. The problem is that I'm not sure how to filter it. We have no outdoor plug sockets and running a cable from the house isn't really an option. I have african water lettuce and some oxygenating pond stem plant, not sure what kind. Side note: I live in England, UK so Co Op products aren't available. Anybody know how I could do this? Any help is appreciated
  7. The best spot in my garden for a mini pond is not really practical for running mains power. If I run a sponge filter off a USB pump powered by a little solar panel will that be enough to keep the water in check? It will probably have power for 12 to 14 hours a day. I'll be adding plenty of plant filtration if that makes a difference?
  8. After all the advice I have received from everybody in this site about my water clarity issue i think I have determined that my filter Just can't handle my tank. I bought a complete top fun kit that had everything i needed. Is it possibly that my filter can't keep up. I modified it to make it the best I could. I put a coarse sponge, fine filter material, bio rings, and then more fine material on top to polish that I remove every couple days. Nothing seems to be working. I also tucked a piece of fine filter around the intake tube in the back. I'm wondering should I replace the filter with an aquaclear, and go one size up to a 50. Or should I do something different with my current filter. TIA
  9. I have a 12 gallon Fluval Edge. I have recently rescaped it, and decided that I no longer wish to have the Aquaclear filter in the middle of the tank. I am going to install a Dennerle internal filter, but I'm wondering if I need to leave it in to cycle, or if I can dump some Fritz's Live bacteria in, and it will cycle that way. I'm not in a hurry, don't get me wrong, I can easily leave it in for a couple of weeks, but I'm just curious.
  10. I have two new 40 breeders and plan on planting them with low to medium light plants. My first question is are the Finnex Stingray a good light for that or is there another comparable light near the same price point? I have always used HOB filters in the past how many gallons per hour am I going to need circulating for a 40 gallon? Also any suggestion on model of HOB? Last of all will a 200w heater be sufficient? Appreciate any input and look forward to being a part of this forum. Cheers !
  11. I’m about to set up a freshwater 40 gallon. Up until now on my 30gallon I’ve used the eheim pick up 200, with a separate sponge filter too. I don’t want to have a filter inside of my tank on this new one. does anyone have any good recommendations for a hang in back or external? thanks!
  12. I’m setting up a 10 gallon for some smaller fish and I’m considering using an under gravel filter to maximize swimming area. I used one when I was a kid on a 20 gallon with good success. Any thoughts?
  13. Hello, I think I just dove a little deep into this hobby. I have a 5g kit tank with one betta fish, but have bought a used 54g corner tank with designs on having a community tank. I'm especially wondering what lighting to get and how to mount it, and also wouldn't mind some recommendations for filters. I'm sort of confused on lighting since it was all taken care of in a kit before and the corner isn't a normal shape. Edited to add: Freshwater, and I am hoping to have lots of plants (medium-heavily planted?)
  14. I’m proposing a “contest.” No winners or losers, just for fun - If you were asked to set up a tank for, say a pediatrician’s office, describe what you would set up. - what size tank? - what substrate? - what filter? - plants and decorations? - lights? - how would you stock it? Pictures encouraged but not required once you have provided your answer you can assess other people’s input using the following criteria 1. Ease of maintenance 30pts this is for someone else to maintain after all. 2. livestock hardiness. 30pts dead fish just are not appealing 3. aesthetics. 20pts capture the imagination, captivate the attention, draw people in 4. cost. 15pts Let’s keep it real 5 flair! 5pts that little extra this is just for fun, but try to keep your solutions realistic
  15. In a few weeks I'll be setting up my 75, but my delivery of 2 large sponge filters for the 75 should arrive this week. Would it be wise for me to run the new sponge filters in my established 55 so that they will cycle faster? If so, how long would you suggest I run them in the 55 gallon?
  16. Do aquaclears rattle? I am setting up a 40 gallon tank in the next couple days and need to decide if I want to get an aquaclear. I will have the tank in my living room and don’t want a racket going on.
  17. What is the best hang on the back filter and adjustable heater for a 40 gallon breeder? Going to set up a 40 breeder soon just need some help deciding on a filter and heater.
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