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Bristlenose Pleco food??

Sarah Whtiney

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What do Platys and Mollies NOT eat??😳

We need some ideas of what to feed our Bristlenose Pleco, Bruce.2AF66495-9284-4ADE-BC64-3F722F6BD74C.jpeg.8ba7a43fa27ae57649b860a61a6b9bf3.jpeg We have him in a 29gal with 12 Platys and 3 Mollies. The Platys and Mollies eat his food before he gets to it. We have tried Hikari algae wafers and sinking wafers. We have tried blanched broccoli. Everything we have put in for the Pleco the Platys and Mollies will eat. I’ve tried feeding them, and trying to sneak the wafer near him while they eat, but they find it eventually. They are so greedy! And believe me we feed them plenty. They just eat theirs and his! 
what do we do? 

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