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RTBS in 2 different tanks - You tell me

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Hey everyone.

For a variety of reasons I don't need to bore you, my RTBS has had a small tank. I got her back into the big one and I wanted to share the difference in behavior between the two. This is the same decor. Same fish, just a different tank.


75G (longer):

Sometimes the recommendation for a certain size tank is for behavior or size, but genuinely I can appreciate that this fish just wanted some more room to dart around and have some space.

Such a wonderful, delightful species.

....and a great story in terms of conserving a species from the wild.

I would love to see a visit to a breeder of cypranidae that included these guys.

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Watching Grace in the 29g reminded me of a European ski trip. We would ski from one side of the run to the other in order to get the most out of a too short run. Some of the locals thought we were rude!  My TFBs were happy in the 29 for years, but their schooling behavior really kicked in when they moved to the 75g.

Any special reason for choosing Neon lighting?

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On 4/24/2023 at 5:58 AM, Tanked said:

Any special reason for choosing Neon lighting?

Nothing special. The tank is/was foggy. I added some clarity to do some work and she was having fun feeling hidden. I turned up the pink and blue and it had that type of look. Difficult to see with the camera I have with just the pinks or just the blues. Still difficult but.... Her tail in the pink channel always pops.

On 4/24/2023 at 4:58 AM, Fish Folk said:

Those fish love yo have  room to move.

Yeah, they really do. Ironically I think they love to hide just as much. They are very much a Cyprinidae in the sense of a barb that likes to go through objects and around them and dart. It's a unique swim pattern. Having those spots to sit/stop and view then continue patrolling is what she likes. It quells a lot of what others view as "aggressive" but really she's a softie. Fish know she's big and to move. They sleep right next to her. Especially the fry to get away from the parents.

This one is a good view as well for care.


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