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Hello from the Midwest!

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Hello from Ohio! I am newish to the hobby. I've kept bettas and some goldfish in the past as a kid up through my early 20s but not "properly". I use to love going to aquariums/aquatic stores to look at all the pretty fish. However, one day it was like a switch was flipped and being surrounded by the blue tanks would make me dizzy and unsteady. I distinctly remember being at Cabela's and the elevator opening to their fish tank and just feeling the blood drain from my face and an overwhelming sense of panic. 

Fast forward 10 years later and I'm easing back into it. I have a planted 14 gallon cube aquarium currently cycling. I have a male dumbo halfmoon betta, Florence, that should be here in about a week, and I will also be adding 8-10 rummy nose tetras. I would like to add some bottom dwellers but not sure if I have enough space for kuhli loaches or a pleco?

I am so excited to be here!

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Rummy nose are on my wish list. I love their scissor tails so much and their noses. I call them Rudolph Tetra lmao. 


Welcome! I am originally from the PA/Ohio/NY border area! I am now in Maryland! You are in good company!!

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I would recommend not putting rummynose in a 14G cube (that's like a 15" cube, right?).  I would look into something much smaller for a schooling fish.  I don't have experience with most of the "nano" offerings, but because of that footprint I would really recommend not going with rummys.  I had some in a 30" wide tank and they didn't get to school very well.  They're best in a four foot tank (or more) IMO.  And I would say no to a pleco, but you could house a juvy in there for awhile most likely.  I have some kuhli loaches (though I think I'm going to give them back to the LFS so he can resell them), they mostly seem to just hide out together in a pile where you can't see them.  So not sure if that sounds good to you or not.  I see them, just not very often.  I think some cherry shrimp would be great with your betta.  Though it would likely be best to have them established first and then add the betta.  He will absolutely eat some of them, but you'll probably have more shrimp then you can shake a stick at anyway.  I really like cherry shrimp (in whatever color variety), they're one of the best things to watch in the tank.  Other than my apistos, I don't think there's something I like watching better than them, honestly.


Otherwise, welcome to the forum.  I'm from the midwest as well! 🙂

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