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Will Scuds reproduce in Brackish water?

Doc Gonic

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I ended up with a 10-gallon tank and was thinking about either attempting to breed nerite snails. But remembered enjoying having a scud culture back in the day for my betta's. I have some now, along with other small fish that would enjoy the treat. I'm trying to find out if maybe I could do both?

General answers so far are "Scuds are found in a variety of environments" but trying to find out if the random scud culture I'd buy off e-bay might also reproduce in brackish water along site nerite's is avoiding me. 

Anyone try this before with success? Will "Freshwater Scuds" adapt and still reproduce in brackish water?

Thanks for any input!

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Freshwater scuds usually inhabit vernal pools and streams. There are marine or brackish scuds out there that people do buy for their marine fish.


But the long and short of it is that you are not going to be able to breed nerites. They are near impossible to breed in captivity. The larval stage is where you will have issues.

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I suspect scuds would find a way to reproduce in nuclear waste water, but I’ll leave it up to others more qualified to answer this question.  I think @Biotope Biologistis likely the best person to answer this.  @OnlyGenusCaps might also know the answer.  I suspect there are others that might know but they’re the ones that popped to mind first.

Hah!  Cross posted.  😆 

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