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Reticulated hillstream loach (Sewellia lineolata) journal

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  • 2 reticulated hillstream loaches (Sewellia lineolata) from Aqua Huna
  • 10 gal quarantine/grow out tank
  • Dosed with med trio 
  • Temp - 74°
  • pH - 7.4
  • GH - 200 ppm
  • KH - 100 ppm
  • 12 hour day/night cycle
  • Plants - anubias, java ferns, java moss, guppy grass, hornwort, duckweed. Mixture of emersed and submersed plants
  • Mixed substrate - soil, leaf litter, gravel, river stones (just experimenting. I use a variety of substrates)
  • HOB filter (hot rodded for better filtration and faster flow)
  • Aquarium Co-op nano sponge filter





Photo 1: Looks like a possible M/F pair? Each individual is ~4 cm in total length. 
















Photo 2: Rock caves with smooth, "seasoned" stones pulled from another aquarium. These river rocks already had a nice layer of algae and biofilm going.









Please let me know if you have any questions or insights based on your own experiences keeping this species.


Thanks! 🌻

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So far, so good. They seem to really go for baby brine shrimp, bloodworms, tubifex worms, and Hikari sinking wafers. I have some Repashy soilent green coming in this week.























I would be thrilled if they bred eventually (assuming I have even sexed them correctly, lol)


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I also brought the temperature down to 70F. I am thinking about going unheated. The basement gets down to 63F at night and stays around 68F in the day.

Repashy soilent green - main staple
Frozen bloodworms, baby brine shrimp, mysis shrimp
Freeze dried daphnia (I like how this floats around and settles all over)
Hikari sinking wafers for bottom feeders

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corrected name of food
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