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Found 5 results

  1. Are Reticulated Hillstream Loaches and Borneo loaches basically the same fish family, just differently patterned? I searched but found all kinds of different answers and am now more confused than when I started searching 🤔. My tank finished cycling so last night I went to a LFS to buy 3 Reticulated Hillstream Loaches. Upon getting them home, I noticed that one of them looks slightly different. The Reticulated Hillstream loaches were in a tank with Borneo Loaches and I'm wondering if the kid gave me the wrong fish. I don't have pictures yet. I had to travel 45 minutes home and the kid had trouble catching the poor little guys so they were quite stressed. When I got home, I floated them in the bag for 20 minutes, put them in the tank and turned off my lights to give them time to acclimate. I still have the lights off so can't take pictures yet. I'm just curious, not really concerned.
  2. Hi all, I had a nice surprise today when I found my first fry from reticulated hillstream loaches. They are so small that it's a little hard to get good pictures but here are a few: Here are some of the adults in the middle of some breeding behavior: I'll continue to take pictures as they develop. I'm sure the detail will improve as they grow. This was a 10 gallon tank holding a small group of adults about 50/50 male and female. It's unheated and temperature fluctuates from 70-74. The substrate is coarse sand with some smooth river rocks scattered around. I use a sponge for filtration and occasionally turn on a small submersible pump to give them some current. I've been feeding them live BBS (that's why I don't use the pump much) in addition to occasional frozen blood worms and repashy soilent green. There is very little algae in the tank. pH is fairly neutral and hardness is fairly soft in both gH and kH.
  3. Hi, so I was wondering if it would be dangerous, or hurt a hillstream loach if I were to put ohko/dragon stone into an aquarium since the edges are sharp and they might try getting algae from the rock? I've seen some people saying it's fine to put kuhli loaches with ohko stone, and the two species seem share the same behaviour of scavenging around on the bottom from what I've seen on YouTube? Thanks!
  4. Are Hillstream’s active at night? Trying to make sure these guys eat enough. Also Will they feed on vegetables?
  5. I have an unheated 20 gallon long tank nested under my 40 breeder that I want to use for a project tank! Are reticulated hillstream loaches viable to breed along with cherry shrimp? What if I add in already hatched celestial pearl danio fry? Would they or the baby shrimp be preyed upon by the loaches? Here is how the tank is currently set up, just thin layer of sand, a cholla wood log with epiphyte plants stuffed into it, mos balls, and a sponge filter. I can try to add more moss for cover, it just grows very slowly for me. I have just removed the golden white clouds who wouldn’t stop eating their eggs 😓 I can add more plants/rocks etc too if needed - any suggestions or experience welcomed 😊
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