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Cartpet plant Seeds


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I grew some a few years back and they did well, but are not a carpeting aquatic plant. They grew quite tall. The ad said they were glossostigma, but they didn't look like or grow like glossostigma. They did grow well though. I started mine in a small Sterilite plastic container with some Flourite in it and the water just kissing the surface of the soil. As the seeds germinated and grew I added more and more water. I started them under the plant lights I use for my normal seed starting for my garden plants. They filled the Sterilite container and transplanted to some of my tanks very well.  My water sprite, java fern and assorted other plants eventually crowded them out but I got a lot of growth for less than a dollar of seeds. By starting them outside of the tanks in a separate container it gave me the chance to see what they were before I dumped a bunch of seeds into the tank. If I needed a lot of plants and didn't have much money to invest, I'd do it again. As it is now I'm weeding out excess plants all of the time. If nothing else, it's a fun, cheap experiment.

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