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  1. Thank you for trying to help, but that is not it 🙂
  2. I just googled broadleaf, unfortunately that is not it 😞 Thank you for trying to help. Yes, I think that is it! Thank you.
  3. Hi everyone, Would love to get this plant identified. I used to have this in my tanks, and would love to get it again. Thank you if you can identify the plant. If you can't, thank you still for trying to help 🙂 Have an awesome day people!
  4. I tried them in a 20g, using a dry start, and I will say don't do it. The never attach / root to the substrate, any fish or water change you do will displace them into water column. Each new plant that grows, almost immediately has 2-3 seeds on its root, which are stick, they stick everywhere and start to grow asap. The seeds also entered my hob, and started growing in the hob. Basically a mess that consumes time and energy. They die off very soon, I guess in 10-12 days, though new ones alway keep growing, and attaching to everything.
  5. I have been picking them out as well, they seem to be intelligent, or atleast evolve, I think. I stopped seeing them after a few weeks when I first started pulling them out, then one day I turned the light on at night, and saw a bunch, now I feel like they swim away /detach from glass, as soon as they see light. Anyways, best of luck to you too. As for the trap, from what I have learnt so far, you can put a fish pallet that is big and wont dissolve quickly, or shrimp food, or a piece of fish meat. Make sure you take it out the next day in any case.
  6. I was hoping you won't say copper. I guess I will have to live with them for the foreseeable future as I have some plants (Ludwigia SP Mini, Myriophyllum Tuberculatum, and Pink Cabomba) that I am trying to grow in this, they have now rooted and growing. I have ordered a trap, lets see how it goes, I will update this post once I have it and use it. Thank you for all your help.
  7. Wow, didn't even think that they could be leeches. What kind of treatment would that be? I can move the shrimps, snails, and the filter to a temporary holding tank and then try. Do not want to break it apart right now 😞 Thank you.
  8. Hello to everyone. I'm Waqas and live in Lahore, a city in Pakistan. Started keeping fish after watching Cory on youtube about 2 years back, and since then have watched everything from the Coop. I started with eight cichlids, two tin foil barbs, and 6 mollies in a 6g tank. Yeah, I know. Soon realized I was misinformed and got a 120g, and then to a 180. All the time, kept a 10g planted tank, trying to grow plants well, and once I was able to, I sold all the cichlids and converted my 180g into a planted tank as well. Now; The 10g has plants and cherry shrimps The 180g has plants, eleven cardinal tetras, twenty-four ember tetras, six black tetras, and six guppies... Yeah, I can add a lot more, but I am loving it. Will be adding amanos shrimps, and blue shrimps soon. Here are a few pictures of my tanks. Best wishes, and love.
  9. Hello everyone, I have a 10g planted / shrimp tank that I started about 4 months back. At that time I was under the impression that I could feed them micro pallets, that I feed my tetras in the bigger tank. Turns out I grew a bunch of hair algae, snails, hydra, and this worm I can't figure out. I have taken care of the hair algae by water changes, and changing the food to dedicated shrimp food. Took care of Hydra by using a Azoo Hydra/snail treatment. This worm is a mystery to me, as I can't figure out how to get rid of it. I started taking them out using a tissue paper first, but then I would not see them in the day, now they mostly come out at night. The reason I want them gone is that I think they are eating shrimplets, as I haven't seen any, though there have been a few shrimps with eggs. When they move they move by elongating their body, sticking, and then pulling the body back. They have a hard skin when I have touched them. I am not sure how to attach a small clip, as the forum would not allow me. Thanks a bunch, love from Lahore, Pakistan.
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