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A Tale of Two Tanks: Miska's Journal

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I tried hard to get photos tonight but both tanks are still cloudy from pond soil (but better than they were)


ph seems to be better today. We’ll see tomorrow.


 My daughter was in a chorus festival tonight and I’m just super chuffed about it. We went to friendlys after and got ice cream and played Minecraft uno.


perfect night








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im liking those endlers! they look real good.

illl be looking forward to see how the pond soil does,

in all honesty, i trust you more then i trust MD.

considering you already posted about having fish trouble, i think you'll give us a honest review, considering you have no loss and possibly gain from telling the truth.

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This weekend was absolutely fun! Not fish fun, though.

My daughter was in a festival last night (children's chorus) it was beautiful.

We had our besties over for DnD! We had pizza and wings (I only had wings, am dealing with some medical issues). And we had so much fun. We are playing a ship campaign and my bestie and I always try to sneak fish things in.

I got some good pictures, finally, of the Emerald Dwarf Rasboras. And maybe the cardinal tetra. 










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That's a good idea. I'll put a carbon cartridge in the filter.

It was a lot of stress on them, the ph problems, so he may just not be able to withstand all the changes. 

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On 3/19/2023 at 9:28 PM, Miska said:

some good pictures, finally, of the Emerald Dwarf Rasboras

How did I miss that you have one of my someday fish??? 😍

Oh you must tell me all about them. I’ve posted in my journal several times how much I want to have these some day 🤗

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I love them so so so much! @Guppysnail I have 7 (I had 8 but I crushed one on accident when some hardscape fell I am still sad about it, it was about a month ago).

I got them from Aqua Huna and they are honestly amazing. They are bottom-mid dwellers but now that they are settled they come up out of their hiding spots. They also chase each other and I was worried at first, but after watching them, it really really looks like playing!

I just added some Otos (my LFS quarantines and treats them and I called a lot (actually had my bestie do it, they know her well!) waiting for them to be out of quarantine)

I just need a honey gourami and that tank will be complete. 

But I looove the cardinals and the emeralds so much. 

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Great job with the photos of the rasboras! They're gorgeous. I have a group of 10 or so galaxy rasboras, and I have yet to get a single picture of them, they're so flighty and so quick. 

Sorry to hear about the baffling fish deaths. I've had a couple of my own this past week, and am giving everyone a round of Paraguard. I've seen some belly itching, some clear poops, and a thin fish that I had separated to feed and treat just passed away today. I hope I wasn't too late, but it's such a guessing game!

How are the guppy fry?

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MY BESTIE IS HERE!!!!!! Squeeeeeeee.

Yinz, this is my bestie in the whole world and she is amazing. 


Guppy fry are doing really really well! I just saw them venturing out, I have 11-12 ish. I am feeding them the fry food from the co-op.


How are the other three minnows? 

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On 3/23/2023 at 8:43 PM, Elodie Rose said:

I have yet to get a single picture of them,

Use the slow motion video feature then stop at a good picture and screenshot. That’s the only way I can get still shots of mine. 

Hi 👋 @Elodie Rose  I’m looking forward to meeting you Saturday at that pet place. 

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Thank you so much for the tip! I am very excited for Saturday! My husband is gonna drive so that we can relax and I am bringing the toddler. lmao. He loves the bear there. 

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Morning. My husband is off for spring break so we have been busy!

We are mostly working in the garden, but right now I am working on breaking down over the next couple of weeks- the five and turning it into a ten. I am going to give the 5 to Elodie, and move a boatload of guppies into the 10 and then eventually give some gups away! 


I am also distributing shrimp from the 5 into the 36 and two tens (I have like 100 shrimp in there) and hopefully platy master will also get some shrimps. 

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