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Do you like fish art too?? (or water inspired art in general - ocean- lake- river- etc)


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I have a LOT of art on my walls. I mean a LOT (no, not all of it is fish or water related just some). I ventured out today to find a suitable frame for a piece of handpainted art that was purchased for me for my birthday last year and was wondering, do my fish friends here like fish art as well? 

I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

I'll go chronologically with my collection:

I got this piece at a state fair, it's silk threaded Koi fish- hand made- came framed and I haggled a little (sorry for the glare there was no getting around it): image000000(134).jpg.a262bd7c6a290bac1f2c7ec1a5fc0d4f.jpg

I like that I can see all the individual stitching when I get up close and because the silk is shiny they reflect like fish do: 


These two small paintings framed together I got a few years later from an artist on the Big Island of Hawaii. I had them mounted and framed together because I thought the blues kind of still flowed into each other despite one being far away and one being a close up: image000000(133).jpg.9de6c99d88d71e156f3f8a7151456454.jpg

Then the one I got the frame for today is only 4x6 so I just got a retail frame until I decide if I want to professionally frame it. I think it goes pretty good with this frame though. It's a lovely little Koi painting, very peaceful: image000000(130).jpg.f56dec5e30ba556c3400d3e74160bcc3.jpg

No, I'm not just into Koi, as this is seemingly going that direction. I do wish to have some but for now paintings of them will have to do. 

I have a couple of very nice Mermaids but they are not for a G-rated crowd when they're topless so they won't be posted here. 

I have a fascination with the ocean. I've always loved old ships and paintings of old ships and for years looked for "MY" ship. You know, the Black Pearl- the one that you'd be Captain of? Well I found my ship finally in November. It was painted in the early 1900s: 



What's on your walls? 

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I do! I have a few of these vintage prints of livebearers (from Etsy) framed but not hung up at this moment due to downsizing. They'll go on the wall when I turn the last kids' room into a guest room/studio, one day...


I also have these two embroidery kits, which I have not yet stitched up, but once they are done they will also hang somewhere !



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On 2/3/2023 at 4:32 PM, DaveO said:

I'm not sure you can call it art, but I do display it. Fossil my sister gave me long ago.20230203_152550.jpg.79adb2ad6e62208e2b25e61c5f80b207.jpg

I have been very jealous of many of the fish I've seen people keep, on here and elsewhere on the internet, but this is the first time I've been jealous of someone's (long!) dead fish!

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