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Few odds and ends tonight. Added 7x juvenile Apistogramma agassizii to the Discus after selling two Discus and two Rams at fish club auction. Threw in a couple coconut huts, some Catappa leaves, java moss, blackwater tannin tint, Rooibos tea bags…



This Blue Gularis (Fundulopanchax sjostedti) pair do best when eating dinner together. He keeps adding new colors every week.



Young Rainbow Shiners should start really coloring up over late spring. Subtle hints showing up now.



My 1-week-old closet setup for Mictoctenopona ansorgii is hard to sneak up on. They are eating fairly well, but will need a different arrangement for breeding. Very fun little brown fish.



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On 1/15/2023 at 1:10 AM, Odd Duck said:

Are you now officially that guy in the corner of the aquarium club meeting in love with that obscure little brown fish?

This is my single aim: to become that old guy in the club, sitting in the corner, who is in love with some little brown fish. Honestly though… I’m still way too much of a color-guy 😂

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