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Aquarium Coop heater


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About 10 years ago, I used to heat a 125 gallon with a 300 watt Eihem Jager heater. Great heater but it wasn’t subtle, it is tremendous. Fast forward 10 years, I now live in Florida. The past couple of weeks have been lows in the 30’s-50’s at night. I decided to place a heater in my 300 gallon stock tank. I ordered 2 coop 100 watt heaters. Without the heaters, the water dropped to 59 at one point. With the heaters, I am easily keeping a steady 75 with no issues. I am stunned at how much we can overdo it because it was written somewhere. Bravo @Cory and the coop team. I’m impressed. 
I forgot to mention, this is an outdoor stock tank. 

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My tank is way smaller, only 75g, but I keep it at 76 degrees with no problem with only one of the coop 100w heaters. I keep my house at 68 most of the time. I like it chilly. I totally agree with you on the over doing it. I used to believe I needed a much larger heater, now I'm thinking I probably could have got away a 50w instead. 

You have a beautiful set up. 

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@Rube_Goldfish Thank you kindly. Here is a stock list:

White Cloud Mountain Minnows 

Gold White Cloud Mountain Minnows 

Rainbow shiners

Platinum Medaka

Assorted platys (high fin, wags, variatus)

Assorted Guppies

8” Gold Dojo Loach

Panda Corydoras

Long Fin Green Dragon Bristlenose Pleco 

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