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Hair Algae on Substrate

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I am trying to remove this hair algae that is starting to spread over my substrate. I attempted to remove by hand but it latches on to my substrate and I end up losing a good deal of gravel. 

Looking for best ways to remove and prevent hair algae from returning.

Nitrates at 10ppm. Lighting on fixed schedule 7 hours a day. Afraid to increase nitrates any higher to avoid stressing out neos. Weekly 20% water changes.

Maybe Easy Carbon?


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If your tank can support it, a siamese algae eater nomed stuff like that up in my tanks. That being said, my neocar shrimp aren't reproducing. Can't say if it's my SAE,  the guppies, or the plecos that are eating baby shrimps. Too bad temporarily homing a fish is stressful to the fish. The algae eaters could be rented out like goats to a blackberry patch. 

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A couple things might help you with this algae problem. First I think your light schedule is too short. Try nine hours instead of seven. Plants want light. Plants also want fertilizer. Up your nitrates to between 20 and 40 ppm. Trust me, your shrimp will not be affected. I have no shrimp troubles at 50 ppm. These two things should help your plants to thrive and out compete the algae. One other thing to watch for is over feeding. Don't let fish or shrimp food lay around the tank. Algae loves the leftover food as much as the snails.

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