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Help! Very cloudy and murky water


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Hi, Been out of fish keeping for a few years, then started up my 55 a couple of months ago. I've had tanks many years and never had this issue. Very unsure what to do. About 10 days ago my new tank started to look very cloudy. Then about a week ago I noticed a green tint to the cloudiness.  Full calendar of events below.  Just did a water test (pics attached) and all seems fine to me. Looks like: 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, ~20 nitrate

This past week I've been keeping the light off 99% of the time. I also cut down feeding to once every other day. No improvement.  I guess the fish are healthy, but I can barely see them unless they're getting food.  

Any suggestions?

● 9/1 - water went in plus decorations

● 9/20 Added Substrate (pool filter sand)

● Fri 10/9 - Plants from Aquarium Co-op went in: 1 Moneywort (floating), 1 Marimo Moss Ball, 2 Floating Christmas Moss Ball

● Tues 10/13 - added 6 yellow labs 

● Fri 10/16 - 40% water change

● Tues 10/20 - 40% water change 

● Wed 10/21 - cloudy water

● Sun 10/25 - 50% water change

● Mon-10/26-Sun 11/1 - keeping light off 99% of the time. Cut down feeding to once every other day





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