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What is the proper course of action here?

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A few days ago a purchased 2 plants from my lfs, aluminum plant and purple waffle. As i am now aware, neither of these are aquatic plants, and will die if submerged for too long. 

Now, i am aware that this is at least partly my fault. I should've done research beforehand. Even eithout research, i should have at least been suspicious as to why such pretty plants are never seen or mentioned in aquascaping.

That said, this fish store did sell me plants that can't grow underwater. 

My question is, what is the proper next course of action:

A) plop the plant in my HoB and move on. Maybe in 4 years when i have the time and space to set up a terrarium/paladarium theyll come in handy.

B) ask for a refund or an exchange.

Now, while im not necessarily strapped for cash, my aquarium budget is limited. But, even beyond money, a lot of people will by these plants from this store and put them in there fish tanks and kill them. This is bad for not only the costumers and, long term, the store, but the local hobby as a whole.

That said, i dont necessarily want to cause any drama and it could be difficult to actually prove the plants cant be grown under water if they actually push the issue.

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That’s a tough one. I’d probably try and return them. I’m conflict averse myself and I like to keep a good relationship with the LFSs. I would go in with a smile on my face, explain the situation and ask to exchange for some aquatic plants. 

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