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Ropefish amirite?


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So I was doing my regular filter maintenance today and when I was reaching into the canister of my HOB I felt something a bit slimy - nothing odd, so I just whisked my brush in it to remove any debris in it.

Then I remembered that I hadn't seen my ropefish in weeks. Not seeing him for a few days at a time isn't anything new but I had started to wonder if he was okay. I had been testing for ammonia, just in case he did unfortunately pass away and was just hidden in the absolute jungle that my tiger lotus plants have become, but my levels remained at 0.

So when I went back to place my rinsed media back into the HOB... I saw 2 little beady black eyes staring at me from the almost empty filter!

This darn fish had me scared and sad for almost a month, and was apparently living his best IN MY FILTER. I am pretty sure that when I last cleaned the intake and impeller parts of my HOB he climbed into the nice dark and secluded hole that was still dangling into the water. Because unless he literally swam up the filter outlet, which I doubt as he struggles with just the current from the airstone, he would have had to survived the impeller blades. Needless to say I will NOW be covering my filter intake when doing any more maintenance!

So what is the weirdest place you have found one of your fish, alive at least?

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On 9/26/2022 at 5:10 PM, Flumpweesel said:

A great test of a salesman's nerve. We thought it hilarious so no warnings were ever given.

My severe macaw (one of the “mini-macaw” species) is fully flighted since I have multiple cats.  He has long since learned to go around ceiling fans.  Never do this, by the way, this is definitely a “do as I say, not as I do” situation - I’ve treated plenty of birds for collisions with ceiling fans.  I’ve had this bird since 1983 - well before vet school.

If you come in the house, especially if you are tall, there is highly likely to be a “fly by the tower” a lá Top Gun type situation.  If we like you, you get a warning. If we don’t, well . . . .  Maybe not.  😈

Seeing a 6’ plus guy dive to the floor is interesting to say the least.  😆 😂 🤣 

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