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Hello from Bothell, WA!


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Hey Y'All! I've been getting into the hobby over the past few months. I stopped into the store in Edmonds and was immediately inspired by the staff's passion for planted tanks. I'm a gardener and houseplant enthusiast, so aquascaping feels like a natural progression!

I started with a free 10 gallon tank from a neighbor, then upgraded to a 22 long. One tank quickly turned into two as I work toward my dream fish: the Spotted Congo Puffer. Here's what I have now:

Small tank:

Cherry shrimp - skittles color mix
Sunset Honey Gourami
Emerald Eye Rasbora
Panda Loaches (just got them today - my new fave)
Ramshorn Snails (hopefully breeding for puffer food) + 1 Mystery Snail

Big tank:

Congo Tetra
Orange Laser Cories
Hillstream Loach
3 Mystery Snails - might be puffer food someday.. especially all the baby snails that are hatching now
Amano Shrimp - puffer may eat these too
Lots of brown algae.. diatoms

Still have alot to learn!

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Another WA person! Welcome!

Perfect timing to start getting into planted tanks now that the outdoor gardens are starting to wind down.

If your Ramshorn snails are anything like mine you'll have a bunch in no time. Mind went from three to about 30 in about a month. I guess they can hold onto sperm for up to a year to use for fertilizing there eggs. I'll give mind a canned green bean occasionally and they'll devour it overnight (and that was before all the babies popped up).

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On 9/20/2022 at 12:35 PM, MattyM said:

Welcome! What is the black substrate on that 1st pic? I was thinking of something like that on my next one. Really dig that tank!

@MattyM Thanks! It's Activ-Flora Black Gravel, but it's much closer to a sand than gravel. My stem plants and crypts seem to like it! 

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