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Just looking for a second opinion. Here's my female Blushing Koi Angel Fish (she doesn't have ammonia burned gills, her breed is bread for the rosie cheek look). Anyway she has a spot on her left side fin, to look at it while swimming she looks to have rot or a fungus (ive been watching it for a while and it hasn't spread or gotten worse). On closer inspection of pictures (which is hard to get) it looks more of an iridescence matching her other fins. Could it just be she is coloring up for breeding?  Shes laying eggs every month it seems!

My tank parameters are as followed:

No3, 5-10+ based on water change schedule

No2, 0

Gh 150 +/-

Kh 40 - 80 (never over or under)

Ph, 6.8 - 7

Temp: currently 78.8




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In the first photo it kind of looks like fin damage, maybe got caught on something and that caused the discoloration? If it was fin rot, I'd expect to see more torn fins or to see it on more of the fin.  I would just keep an eye on it right now.

In the front view, the top left corner of the left fin and the bottom right of the right fin just looks like there's some sort of damage to the rays.

On 9/4/2022 at 10:57 AM, JoeQ said:



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On 9/4/2022 at 4:06 PM, Ken Burke said:

Only thing worse then not paying attention to your fish is over reacting. Keep an eye on it, and if really, really feel compelled, add a little salt.  

Ive actually been keeping an eye on it for awhile. While taking pictures I reassessed and I'm leaning towards coloring up. Doubt ill add salt as im not sure about the interaction with plants. 

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