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Newbie question: Are my corydoras "glass surfing"? Is this normal?


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Three of my 5 orange Venezuelan corydoras have been doing this all day for several days. Is this what they call glass surfing? Is it normal? The corner they swim in is the one next to the HOB filter outlet and closest to the air stone.

It's a 29 gallon tank. Tested today: Ammonia 0 PPM. Nitrite 0 PPM. Nitrate 10 PPM. pH 7.4. Temp 76.8. Smooth gravel substrate.

Other fish are 1 honey gourami and about 12 green neon tetras. I read recently that a shoal of cores should have at least 6 fish. Should I get another?

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Very very very very typical behavior.  It's usually a sign of a few things, all of them good.

-Playing in the flow (my pandas do this pretty much 24/7 all day long), happens a lot with corydoras
-Looking around for food
-Breeding Behavior

-Following the others that are playing in the flow (shoaling behavior)

Here's one of my black Corys doing the same thing


On 8/20/2022 at 6:12 PM, Ken Burke said:

They look young to me.  If the are adults looks for eggs on the glass

You can also see who is doing it, look for eggs held in the fins.  Ken your photo is awesome!  How are yours doing?

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Glass-surfing is perfectly normal. I have a suspicion it's related to migration in some manner. Mine always seem to glass surf towards the southern wall of the tank.  It's like they're driven to swim south and run into an invisible wall that stops them. Some fish do migrate to spawn or for other reasons and I suspect that's what drives glass surfing. Every instinct they have says "Swim that way!" and they try to only to hit the glass wall and can't find a way around it.

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