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Who is eating my plants?


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I have a fully planted 125gallon that has been running for just over a year. The plants are all doing very well, but recently something in the tank has started eating my Anubis, and crypts. I haven’t added any new fish in the last 6 months, and the stock list is as follows:

6 bosemani rainbowfish 

5 Blythe river rainbowfish 

4 madigascar rainbowfish 

4 turquoise rainbowfish 

2 Siamese algae eaters

6 harlequin rasboras

6 ottocinlus

2 tiger nerite snails

2 bamboo shrimp

my fish are fed well, and often. 2-3x daily, xtreme peewee pellets in the morning, and 3 cubes of frozen foods at night. Shrimp, bloodworms ect….

I never see anything eating the plants, so I’m assuming it’s being done at night? I don’t directly feed the ottos or snails, but the ottos are very fat and sassy. 
Any input is welcome as to who may be the culprit thanks!





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A quick read elsewhere would seem to indicate that the SAEs are the likely culprits, but so are the rainbows and ottos. The SAEs don't usually eat the leaves, but they are scavengers. To my eye, your plants are showing some signs of a nutrient deficiency, (potassium?).  The damaged leaves could be attractive to the SAEs.  You might try adding an alternative veggie as a food source.

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My 75 with angels, congo tetras, geophagus, SAEs and a pleco. My anubias was struggling and I had no idea why. Until I saw a congo tetra pull off a leaf and the school started a game of calvinball (calvin and hobbes fans will understand) over it. They don't bother the golden as much, but the tobacco leaf versions are always a target. theyse guys get tons of food, but I still see them and the angels with leaves on occasion, not something I expected. Other plants with them are thriving - amazon swords, jungle val, pennywort, javafern, hydroponic pothos. 

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