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This is just a suggestion and feedback I have for the website I guess.  I know international shipping has launched in a few new counties now and I think that's amazing.  What I do wish for is that we could shop the U.S site outside of the U.S.

I'm in Canada and live fairly close to the border.  Since international shipping started, I can only visit the website and browse items that are available in Canada which is limited at this point understandably. Due to Covid, I haven't been able to ship things to mailboxes at border like many Canadians do for quite some time. Now that some things easing in terms of travel, not being able to order from the U.S site is a bit of a bummer without having to go through the whole VPN thing.

What also kind of sucks is that all the wealth of knowledge that was available just from reviews, plant lists, and product information is all unavailable now to the average person outside of the U.S in these countries.  I remember watching videos a while back where Cory would go through the site to help people learn about what a good selection of easy plants are by browsing reviews and the care list/requirements of the plant.  Unfortunately with the whole geo-based IP address website, we can no longer do that.

Maybe my situation is very niche and I know having a big ecomm website is super complicated but in the future perhaps, it would be great to be able to shop the U.S just to see everything that aquarium coop has to offer and for those who are able to travel to the states, be able to buy and ship items to the border.


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Thanks for chiming in Cory. I know that it was mostly just a byproduct of shipping internationally so I'm glad it's on the radar. 


On 8/2/2022 at 5:02 PM, Cory said:

We are aware of this. It's one of those things that'll be a nice to have, when we can accommodate it. We haven't found the right way to get the best of both worlds yet.


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