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What danio do I have?


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Hello 😏

I need help, again. I had a thread about my issues with my D. Tinwini order. I had thought that I had a positive I.D. on them but I moved the last two healthy fish into my community tank last night. Under much better light I am again questioning the species.

These two little guys are beautiful, one is much darker coloration and has rich orange beginning on the fins. 

So, what do I have?






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1 minute ago, TheDukeAnumber1 said:

celestial pearl danio

This is what I thought I received from the moment I opened the shipping package. I ordered 12 D tinwini. Received 11 of these guys, 2 left of my order. I paid $144++ (plus is for the emergency purchase of live foods attempting to save them).

They are beautiful,and surprisingly feisty holding their own against my male apisto and running off my badis.

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